By | March 6, 2019

“Going green” is the motto these days and this is why canvas tote bags are the current rage. Canvas tote bags are a type of custom printed bags that offer an eco-friendly alternative for plastic shopping bags and covers. They also look stylish and fashionable and are hence the craze from college-goers to corporate executives.

Canvas tote bags have become the global trend from Times Square in New York to Tiananmen Square in China. The world is going gaga about the canvas tote bags and all for good reason.

With the plastic ban in force in most of the Indian states, Indians have no option but to turn to our good old canvas tote bags for holding their essentials. Not just India, but other countries as well should push for less use of plastics.

There are many alternatives to plastic bags. Be it for office, college or shopping use, the canvas tote bags is definitely one of the best.

Pointers for Purchasing Canvas Tote Bags

Okay, but how do you purchase the right canvas tote bags? Here are some tips.

Canvas Tote Bags for College or School

All school and college goers want to be hip and upbeat.  So when you select a canvas tote bag for school or college, make sure it is of the latest “cool” designs. These designs are distinctly different for boys and girls. So, make sure you select them right!

Students usually carry books, laptop, lunch and even engineering instruments like a set square to college. So, make sure your canvas tote bag is large enough to hold all of this.

Rain or shine, this canvas tote bag is going to college with you. So purchase a bag which is durable, made of superior material and waterproof.

Students usually have a whimsical nature and they tend to change their fashion every year or season. So invest in canvas tote bags that are affordable and moderately-priced as it will probably be swapped for another design the next year.

Canvas Tote Bags for Office

Corporate executives and office employees have started switching to canvas tote bags. This is because the canvas tote bags is large, roomy, weather-proof and ideal for everyday use.

By using canvas tote bags, office goers are asserting their eco-consciousness and their concern for the environment. This is why these tote bags are so popular among employees.

While choosing a canvas tote bag for office use, try to get the bag in dignified and sober colours. Gaudy and fluorescent colours are best avoided. Pastel shades are the best along with black, brown or grey. This gives the bag a dignified and professional look.

Make sure the canvas tote bags are made of study and superior quality material with good zip, handle and fasteners. The bag’s quality is going to speak volumes of your status.

Let the canvas tote bags be large and roomy with lots of pockets-one for the phone, one for the wallet, one for loose change, one for cards etc..

Always choose high-end canvas tote bags of premium quality for office use and do not scrimp on the price!

Canvas Tote Bags for Shopping

The best use of canvas tote bags is for shopping. Be it grocery, clothes, veggies or essentials, carrying a canvas tote bag is best when there is a plastic ban around.

For shopping, the canvas tote bag has to be large, extra-strong, waterproof and durable. Its handle should be sturdy as you cannot afford to have the bag cut loose and drop after all the shopping you have done!

Buy canvas tote bags for shopping in preferably dark colours. When you shop for veggies, sometimes the bag gets stained and with light colours, this shows ugly. Dark-cultured ones are best for shopping.

Choose a foldable canvas tote bag as this can double inside your purse or handbag and when unwrapped, be used for shopping!

Those were the tips for purchasing canvas tote bags. Canvas tote bags can be customized to taste by uploading your own design online when you get it from an expert bag provider. Such canvas tote bags look and feel unique as they reflect your personality.

Opt for eco-friendly; economical and efficient canvas tote bags to express your persona and style!