By | November 20, 2018

Though a fountain pen has a touch of ‘old school’ vibes to them, everyone still admires them and consider them a special item. Not only does it spark creativity, but it also brings a whole new experience to the joy to writing.

Writing with a fountain pen can be a euphoric experience for many, especially when all of us are now so accustomed to tapping away at our screens. With a fountain pen, people can discover a whole new world just waiting for them to slide across a page with the smooth flowing ink. A fountain pen can be an excellent gift for birthdays, anniversaries, awards and promotions.

Below we have mentioned seven reasons that explain why fountain pens make for an ideal gift:

  1. The person probably doesn’t own a fountain pen

Unless your family member or friend have a thing for a fountain pen, there are pretty good chances that they don’t own one. Or if they do own one, it might probably be collecting  dust in the bottom of some drawer. Irrespective of whether they write much or not, a fountain pen can be a good gift. It looks scholarly, so the receiver will surely thank you for that not to mention they’ll think of you highly in return as well!

  1. You can tailor a fountain pen and customise it

There are many types of fountain pens out there in the market. And believe it or not, there is a pen for every person. Just like promotional pens that are crafted with creativity, a fountain pen can be made in custom design just the way you want it to be. You can do a bit of research online and you’ll most definitely find a custom pen maker who makes those special designer fountain pens. Instead of giving the old-fashioned ones, you can give your best friend or a close colleague their favourite coloured fountain pen maybe with a quote to keep them motivated.

  1. Fountain pens encourage writing

It doesn’t matter if the person you intend to gift the fountain pen to is an avid writer. As soon as they hold a fountain pen, they will want to write something with it. Truth be told they will be wowed by how smoothly the ink flows on paper. And you know writing daily can bring many changes in a person’s life. Maybe, give the person a journal along with a pen to get them started.

  1. Change the way of communication

Maybe you have a loved or good friend who lives far away from you and we know you care about them all the same even though you haven’t been in touch with them for a long time. And just because you don’t talk on a daily basis doesn’t mean you don’t care about them. To make sure you keep in touch, change the way you both communicate by writing them a letter rather than a text or email. Surprise them with a fountain pen as a gift, and other stationery and bring back the charm of letter writing.

  1. Improves handwriting

A reason why people these days have a bad handwriting is because they don’t write enough on a daily basis. As a child, everybody learned to write on a paper, but due to the digital age we live in, people have lost touch with writing. For someone who has never used a fountain pen, its elegance will surely blow their mind. It will be difficult for them to write fast with a fountain pen initially, but eventually they’ll get the hang of it and their writing will get better with every passing day.

  1. Improves mental health

Everyone is living a fast-paced life these days and people don’t have time to slow down for anything. If you are wondering why one should slow down, know this that taking one’s own time and taking time out to write reduces stress, clarifies feelings and thoughts, which in turn helps a person solve problems in an efficient manner. So, make sure that you are pairing that fountain pen with a notebook and encouraging your friend to write down in it daily.

A fountain pen not only inspires a person but also encourages them to embrace their creative side. So, we hope these reasons do justice to why you should gift a fountain pen to a person.