By | January 11, 2019

Just like any other industry, even the grocery industry has been bitten by the technology bug and we are seeing advancements on a daily basis. That being said, now, with just a call or touch of your finger, you can get someone to come to your doorstep and deliver the groceries you ordered o

You have to admit, online services such as AmazonFresh and Instacart are giving a serious competition to the grocers by providing their customers with the much-needed convenience.

There are stores that offer ‘Click and Collect’ option, while some serve their customers with a great delivery service. And as a retailer, this forces you to ask yourself why does the need to avoid a grocery store exists? Has grocery shopping become such a difficult task these days that a customer would rather sit and interact using a digital channel?

These questions should be given a serious thought, as it is the only place that lets a customer feel a product with all of their five senses in a social atmosphere, thereby letting you improve the brand-customer interaction.

If customers are avoiding the store, then there must be some issues that are not been taken care of. And here, we’ve mentioned 5 tips that will help you grab the attention of customers towards your retail store.

1. A better shopping experience

The one thing customers hate about a grocery store or supermarket, is its navigation. Looking for products online allows a customer with multiple clickable departments and search options, helping them find their product in an easy manner.

In supermarkets, an individual has to go to places physically. This leads to time consumption and frustration for customers when they are not able to get the products they want and feel like they are just roaming in circles. And you know what… these emotions do not contribute to a great customer experience.

So, as a supermarket owner, how can you make the navigation experience better?

Well, a supermarket is a big place with variety of products that leads to confusion and makes it really overwhelming for the customer to find the item. In order to easen that up a bit, you can start by creating special zones in your market. Come up with changes like styles, textures and fixtures that will create different areas in your supermarket and make the process easier for customers.

One more way you can ease the navigation is placing ‘landmarks’, as the significant feature helps customers locate certain goods easily. A strategic design and use of interesting signs will also play a huge role in making your supermarket less confusing.

2. Legibility

Though an interesting font can catch a customer’s attention, the most vital aspect that should be taken into consideration is its legibility. Make sure that the font is clear, sized appropriately and sends the message to the customer without any confusion – one of the most friendly fonts that you can use is ‘sans serif’. Also, ensure that the information is absorbed by the customers quickly and from a distance by considering variables like proper lighting and signage materials.

3. Colour usage

Take help of colours when providing category distinctions on the background of symbols, signs and in words. This way you can use different colours for each department and help a customer locate what they are looking for in an easy manner.

You can also use colours to make sure you have an effective communication; for example, by using Green for showcasing vegetable section and Blue for frozen food section.

4. Symbolic communication

Symbols help towards a better communication with customers. A symbol can overcome the language barrier, communicate with customers preferring visual instructions or show department distinctions. For example, if you want to showcase the meat section, use a symbol of chicken or cow.

If you want to showcase the medicine section, use a symbol of heart, band-aids or a plus. And if you want to showcase frozen goods, use a symbol of thermometer or snowflakes.

5. Strategic placement

The way you place signs ensures that customers have the right information just when they need it. Therefore, it is vital that you give a consideration to visibility amongst walkways and high traffic areas, as customers tend to move throughout the store.

So, come up with a wayfinding strategy that helps you plan the directional cues. Also, make sure that you are not putting your signs too high that it goes unnoticed.

Apart from that, make sure that your products are organised neatly in various shades of euro containers, as they too contribute towards a great experience. We hope the above mentioned tips help you make the navigation experience smoother for your customers and they connect with you in a better manner.